Fire Protection

The fire safety experts at AAA Engineering have the experience to design and implement fully customized fire safety solutions for virtually any building.

Every structure is different, from its architectural design to its inherent fire hazards. To meet the potentially unpredictable fire safety demands of our clients, our engineers take a fully personalized approach to every project, ensuring that your specific needs are met for the highest possible level of protection.

The key to designing an effective fire protection plan is understanding your property's strengths and vulnerabilities, then accommodating them with the appropriate detection, suppression and extinguishing systems, all complying with local and national codes and insurance requirements .

Our Engineers

Our engineers are up to date with the latest standard and codes and understand the differences that different authorities implement and enforce.

The fire safety professionals at AAA Engineering have worked with a wide variety of building types, from existing and new structures, and can design highly effective and unobtrusive fire protection systems that accommodate any variety of needs.

Our capabilities

Our capabilities for designing and integrating a fire safety system that meets your property’s needs include a range of both traditional and modern strategies.

We install a variety of detection and alarm systems, including smoke, gas, heat and UV/IR flame detection. Our sprinkler and suppression systems include fire pumps and tanks, wet and dry sprinklers, chemical ansul type systems, smoke evacuation and others.  Whatever the infrastructure and level of risk in your building, we equip it with a fire protection and life safety system to match.

As the fire detection, suppression and safety technology is continually improving, our engineers are up to date with the current technologies, standards, equipment, and practices.